Always Empty

by Ten Ton Hammer

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released May 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Ten Ton Hammer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Always Empty
Who am I? I ain't shit.
Nothing would change if I didn't exist
faceless man, alone in a crowd
watching my polariod fading out
I will never matter, no plans for me
I'm not chosen, i got no destiny
I will never matter, always empty
no future, i got no destiny
Who am I? A boring story
No hero, no guts, no glory
a rigged game with no way to win
a never was, who never really could have been
Why do I even try to live this pointless lie of a life when I see the truth
I know that I will never matter
No matter what I do, It doesn't go away
Always Empty
Track Name: Catholic Guilt
Keep your father, Keep your son, Keep your holy spirit
Keep your judgement, Keep your guilt, Keep your confessions
Hail Mary, Our Father
Save your prayers, don't fucking bother
Hail Mary, Our Father
I'll never kneel at your altar

I'll keep my sins, they're not yours to forgive
the mistakes I made are the proof I lived
I'll keep my sins, they're my own to forgive
I can carry the weight of the things I did
Track Name: Forgive and Forget
Gone and forgotten, the past and the truth
Torched in a fire, the struggles of youth
I claim to forget and I try to forgive
but it's always with me, the pain I lived
Live it, regret it, fear it, repress it
There's only one release, the end of me
Track Name: Never Enough
When does it end?
In pursuit, again and again
Is there an end?
Do our struggles pay a dividend?

Fulfillment is a fairy tale
you feel it in your bones but its your white whale
Happiness is a parlor trick
you feel it in your hands but you lose your grip.

This life is never enough
no matter what I have, it's never enough
This world is never enough
no matter what I lose, it's never enough

When does it end?
When I collapse with nothing left
Is there an end?
Is satisfaction all pretend?

It's never enough for me